Even though I don’t like speaking about myself without someone asking me first, this time I’ll make an exception and say a few words about me.

Well, I’m Labros Karanasios, of the ‘80s (as I was born in 1981), that I finally reveal my real-full name in the internet, after so many years of bond with it (that’s for anyone that hasn’t found out my real-full name), when I bought my first PC, back when I lived at my parents house in Lamia, in the spring of 2002! An internet user since then, under the pseudonym “AdithetoS”! A pseudonym created in 1997-98, which means “Opposite”. Back then, when I found it real interesting to trouble, something of course that hasn’t seized to exist inside me! Opposed to the mass and fashion, both then and now… in everything and in nothing!

As far as my pseudonym Melourgos is concerned, it’s a story related to my creative path in the world of music and sound perhaps, in general! “Baptized” under this name by an old friend, somewhere in 2008, when we started a musical and completely different shape, out of the ordinary ones, together with another 3 guys called “Drones”, from whom I pulled out in the summer of 2009, unfortunately or fortunately!

However, in May 2009, my professional life changed, after various jobs. I’m now making my living as a Fireman, transferred to the island of Hippocrates, Kos, where I’ve been living for the last 10 years.




y artistic nature course, if someone could call it artistic of course, starts from 1998, if I remember well, when I was writing lyrics for rap over music instrumentals, since I mainly grew up with the currently beautiful and qualitative, unknown to many, hip-hop and more specifically with the Low Bap of Active Member. A few years later, I got my own computer so I was making my own music “melourgeies”, for my own, and not only, lyrics!

In the summer of 1999, in a friend’s photo shop, I held a camera in my hands for the first time. While I had only gone out for a walk, suddenly the excitement and desire to learn taking pictures came over me and the feeling was beautifully unique. I felt a new love was born between me and the photography, which had no end …The feeling I got by looking through this creative tool, was timidly showing me streets I had to cross, unknown to me then and even now perhaps!!! After a while, I was able to even earn my pocket money out of photography. I also happened to be the personal photographer of a parliamentary candidate, photographing his tour, wherever he went for a short while. I still have those cutouts from the columns of a local newspaper, which contained my photos !!! Hahaha

But the time had come, a year later, in 2000, that my mother country was calling me to serve it by doing my military duty. Specifically, in our marine waters, like a sailor … Sailor?! But being a Sailor means highly probable trips, which for my good fortune were made to Italy, France, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey! So, in the winter of 2001, before leaving for the NATO exercise trip with the navy, I finally decided to buy my first good camera, my first photographic tool with separate lenses (SLR), as the one I had first held and worked with in my friend’s photo shop. Crazy joy and many films coming and going on that Nikon F80, which I still possess and never going to give away! Time was passing, while I was taking a lot of pictures, learning and experimenting on every ride and trip! I remember photographing for the sake of a secular magazine, nightlife in the bars and clubs of the city. In those nightclubs that I wasn’t even passing outside. Even now,  they’re quite indifferent to me, to say the least … What an “Opposite” person would I be after all?! Nonetheless, I did enter each and every one of them, always free and with drinks on me!!! I remember even being a mysteries photographer assistant in Athens, for a while !…

More years of quest went by, full of interest, work and musical mainly creations, until the spring of 2007 when I decided to make a considerable at the time, technologically change, a photographic change. So, this was when the descendant of analog Nikon F80, digital Nikon D80, came into my life … I don’t know what to say first about the 5 years I experienced with it!! … The thousand downloads? The more intense experimentations? … The processing in the computer and learning through images that I was facing by hundreds of thousands over the Internet;!

I had browsed through the camera manual so many times since I was so passionate in learning it by heart. But the self-taught way was not enough, so at some point I enrolled in the photographic team of Lamia, knowing people and doing some basic photography courses.

Two years later and a few days after the New Year of 2009, I was fortunately going to work in a new powerful digital Apple’s workshop, both musically and photographically, in an 8core MacPro beast … A beast that never betrayed me, even though it cost me dearly! The computer in the digital age, with the photo editors that exist, is the second important part of photography. It’s now the digital “darkroom” where we “develop” the RAW digital photos ! But this may be another issue!

5 more years passed and the photographic equipment was renewed again in 2013 and finally became professional. Always Nikon! I extensively worked with various types of photography, very seriously sometimes, I won and lost, economically speaking, but only positively I want to believe that I moved on! The camera always travels with me because it’s part of my life …

We devote ourselves and get intensely passionate with nature and landscapes, we live and capture them in every form! We love traveling and walks in the mountains, the mysteries of the forest and tranquility in the sunset! We are enchanted by the wonderful microcosm and the “lawless” animal kingdom … We are pleased and saddened by the moments and forms of humanity !!!

I never ceased working on the music composition and “melourgeies”, though the last years this occupation has been put on hold, but I find myself pressing the black and white keys sometimes, combining notes with rhythmic beats and traveling in melodic tones ! … Many beautiful things have happened to me and I have experienced many musical moments, together with my photographic history and all these are described in my “MELOURGEIO”!

I like creating, searching and learning. It’s something that will keep me alive until my last breath and …

Ηλιοβασίλεμα στην Κω από ψηλά! / Sunset at Kos island from high!

As long as my feet are holding and my hands making music,

they’ll walking on magical lands and love everything they touch!

And when one day all these will stop,

memories and moments,  will keep me company until the end!

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